Reasons Why

When I first became a Slayers fan and started browsing through fansites, it struck me as a rather surprising (and disapointing) fact that Gourry Gabriev had recieved so little fame/glory in comparison to the rest of the characters. The Slayers Online Community was chock full of Xelloss shrines, overflowing with "Why You Should Love Lina" pages, and don't even get me started on how many Zelgadis shrines I found. But sadly, there were very few Gourry shrines, and the few that did exist rarely matched up to the caliber of the more popular characters' shrines.

And so, in sheer appreciation of Gourry's singular personality and contribution to the Slayers world (and sheer confusion as to why he recieved such little credit), I made it my priority to create one of the only, if not best Gourry shrines on the 'net. ^^ And thus, the building of Noble Pudding was commenced, and this is the result.

Now that I've gotten that matter out of my mind, perhaps I should simplify it into a list of reasons as to why I chose to create a Gourry shrine.

1.) I was tired of seeing him neglected -- he deserves his share of webspace, as well!

2.) I wanted to clear up the fallacious ideas about his lack of intelligence. His character is often thought of merely as an anchor for comic relief, but he actually contributes much more to the show than most people think.

3.) Although naive at times, Gourry is and always has been extremely loyal. He chased after Lina when the Lord of Nightmares had taken over her body, even though all odds were against him.

4.) He is the best swordsman in the series, and the wielder of the Hikari no Ken. :D

5.) He is the best looking male in all of Slayers. At least, in my opinion he is.

And that just about sums up why I created this Gourry shrine. I really hope that this shrine will serve to increase dear Gourry's popularity... if not, I hope it at least pleases his few fans. If you want to tell me what you think of this place, just drop me a line! Thank you!