Gourry's Life Story

Here is a comprehensive page that discusses Gourry's life story, or biography. It should cover just about everything that you should know about him. ^^

    Statistical Info
  • Name: Gourry Gabriev
  • Alternative(s): Gaurry/Gaudy Gabrief
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Male
  • Blood Type: B
  • Talent(s): swordfighting
  • Quirks: He's extremely blunt and clueless -- but sweet, nonetheless!

Gourry Gabriev, unlike many of his traveling companions, seems to have eluded his past. Rarely (if ever) does he bring up his childhood or his hometown, and at times it is a mystery if he has any lucid memories of his childhood, at all. The interesting thing about this is that Gourry is by far the most laidback member of the group (what I'm saying is that he has nothing to hide/worry about), so it is rather ironic that his past has remained so vague. Thus, due to the lack of information on Gourry's past, I am going to tell his "life story" starting from the his initial appearance in the anime (when he first met Lina Inverse).

On a bright, sunny day, Gourry Gabriev was taking an aimless stroll in the woods when he saw a little "kid" (or what he deemed to be a kid) being attacked by a group of bandits. Little did he know that this "kid" was none other than Lina Inverse ("The Sorceress Supreme"), and little did he know that the bandit gang was one of the most notorious ones around ("The Dragon Fangs"). Nonetheless, he bravely interfered with the bandits' plans by rushing in to "save" the "kid." With his brilliant swordmanship, he quickly vanquished the "Dragon Fangs," who ran away screaming (one of them without any clothes on).

After the disapointing realization that Lina Inverse was not the "lush damsel in distress" that he had originally deemed her to be, Gourry Gabriev was determined to accompany her to Atlas City. He was the self-appointed guardian of Lina Inverse, and little did he know that it would stay this way for a long, long time.

Soon, new members (some far different from Lina and Gourry) joined the group. There was Zelgadis Graywords, a diligent but dejected chimera who was originally an enemy due to his mutual desire of the Orihalcon Statue. There was Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, a young and bouncy princess/sorceress whose magic skills matched her abnormally high energy level. ^^; And of course, let us not forget Sylphiel Nels Rada, a Miko of Sairaag who had developed an incommensurable "hero worship" for Gourry.

Altogether, they were The Slayers (the original ones), and the moment they united was when the adventures began.

I'm sorry, I've yet to finish this document... but, it will be finished very SOON, mind you. ^^; This is going to be a rather long "Life Story," and I'm going to cover major events that take place at the resolution of each Season (like the defeat of Shabranigdu, the ordeal with the Lord of Nightmares, etc). So, yes, I *will* cover NEXT and TRY... eventually. -.- Gomen!