Voice Clips

In this section, I've scavenged the 'net for .wav files of Gourry's voice (brought to life by Matsumoto Yasunori and Eric Stuart), just so that you can download and enjoy them! ^^ All of these sounds were taken from the Slayers Sound Archive.

download dialogue
foodsong.wav Gourry and Lina sing a song about food, and are interrupted. Hilarious! ^^ (japanese, 63kb)
hikari.wav Perhaps one of Gourry's most famous lines, "Light come forth!" (japanese, 48kb)
scream-jap.wav Gourry literally goes ballistic when Lina "dies." VERY nicely done. (japanese, 157kb)
scream-eng.wav Same as above, except in english. Not quite as dramatic as the japanese version, though. (english, 122kb)
ghost.wav Gourry: "AAAHH!"
Lina: "Oh, sweety, you're just my type... big and dumb."
Gourry: "I hope that's the ghost talking! Amelia, do something!" (english, 110kb)
lollipops.wav Gourry: "Hey, a village! Maybe I can find some lollipops for you!" (english, 45kb)
burnt.wav Gourry: "Lina, he's burning my bottom off!" (english, 29kb)
cheeseburger.wav Gourry: "Hey, Lina, can you make me a cheeseburger?" (english, 29kb)

Note: I did not make any of these sounds; I merely collected/uploaded them. If you would like to use these, credit the proper source (Slayers Sound Archive), and for cryin' out loud, don't direct link!