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As you know, one's appreciation for a certain character can depend greatly on the caliber of his/her voice. Well, Gourry's character has been protrayed by two brilliant voice actors for both the dubbed and japanese versions of Slayers: Matsumoto Yasunori and Eric Stuart. Here's a bit of information about Gourry's voice actors:

Matsumoto Yasunori is Gourry's japanese voice actor, or seiyuu. Much to my disapointment, I was only able to find very little information about him:

    Matsumoto Yasunori
  • Born ++ February 7th, 1960
  • Birthplace ++ Chiba, Japan
  • Blood Type ++ Type O
  • Work ++ Production Baobab
    Additional Roles:
series character
Bounty Hunter The Hard Hard
Bubble Gum Crisis (epiosde 7) Kou
Cutey Honey (episode 2) virtual hacker
Dragon Half Dick Saucer
Kimagure Orange Road Hayakawa Mitsuru
Lost Universe He Who Strews Darkness
Please Save My Earth Shuukaidou
Slayers Gourry Gabriev
Virtua Fighter Jacky Bryant

My opinion: Matsumoto did a very memorable job protraying Gourry. But, a tiny complaint that I have is that his voice didn't sound quite young enough. ^^; Other than that, he's great!

Eric Stuart is Gourry's english voice actor, for the Software-Sculptors Slayers dub. Fortunately, I was able to find a HUGE, official website dedicated to Eric Stuart ( that contained a lot of information:

    Eric Stuart
  • Born ++ October 18th, 1967
  • Birthplace ++ Brooklyn, New York
  • Work ++ A musician! ^^
  • Toured ++ Peter Frampton & Ringo Starr!
Eric Stuart is also the proud winner of a coveted John Lennon Songwriting Award and two Billboard Songwriting Awards! His father is a criminal attorney and his mother, a modern dancer. The exposure to his mother's world of dance and music was what shaped Eric's career path after seeing her performing on the stage and meeting her friends involved in the arts. Cool, eh? ^^

    Additional Roles:
series character
Boy in Gall Force Ail, Toil, master computer
Pokémon Brock, James, a lotta pokémon
The Art of Fighting John, Jack
Please Save My Earth Shuukaidou
Slayers Gourry Gabriev

My opinion: Eric Stuart performed the role of Gourry Gabriev very well! Originally, I had a bit of a problem with him, because I had a natural tendency to rebuke dubbed versions. But I got over that eventually, and came to realize what a talented and versatile voice actor he is.